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Nancy Reagan, 1921-2016


First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away earlier this week, and left behind one of the most profound legacies of any of our nation’s First Ladies. 

Reagan was one of the most important women of her time, and her influence on her husband, President Ronald Reagan was clear throughout his time in the White House.

Reagan was an important advocate of the anti-drug movement in the 1980s, known for her "Just Say No" campaign. She brought a spirit of elegance and beauty into the White House, with class and fashion reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy 20 years prior. 

The Reagans married in 1952, when the two were both active in Hollywood. She later became the First Lady of California, serving from 1967-1975. She played an important role in President Reagan's campaigns and eventual presidency, being at his side through two terms and an assassination attempt in 1981.